Who earns what? The rise and fall of FMCG salaries.

September 2020
By: Steve Simmance

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We are very keen to engage FMCG organisations, small, medium and large in our syndicated research. 

In 2018 The Simmance Partnership launched the first-of-its-kind, authoritative FMCG Sales Salary Guide.  In January 2021, we will repeat and publish a new guide, adding the all-important Marketing function’s salaries.

Having established that little existed other than broad brush general information, there was a clear need for accurate real-time salaries and benefits, by level of seniority and function, within FMCG.  The 2018 Guide was regarded as a success, with in excess of 140 client companies, participating anonymously across the spectrum; from start-up, through SME, right up to large multinational / publicly quoted companies. The final results reflected over 2400 individual real-time data points. In addition, The Grocer Magazine published an extensive 6-page review of the Guide to wide acclaim.

With over 30 years’ experience concentrated on the FMCG sector as a recruitment company, we are passionate about contributing to the industry beyond our day to day activity. Given the shifting sands of the UK economy and general market forces at present, we realise that, now more than ever, it is worthwhile and right to give back to our industry and conduct another, more extensive report.

Salaries will have changed, improved or receded in the space of three years. Our final departure from the European Union and the impact of COVID-19 will almost certainly affect remuneration and employee benefits in the next few years. The report will give HR, Remuneration & Reward functions, as well as the Board, a very clear view of what the true ‘market rate’ is for sales and marketing professionals at all levels. It will also include detailed commentary on the ‘soft benefits’ that employers toil over to ensure they keep the workforce happy, including the future of flexi/homeworking versus office working in light of the last 6-months.

As a gesture of thanks for your company's involvement, you will be first to receive complimentary copies of the 2021 Guide before it is published in the public domain.

This survey is driven by a purpose-led motivation to give back to the FMCG industry at large.

If you would like to participate in this exercise and share your company sales and marketing salary data with us (we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place to safeguard strict confidentiality) we want to hear from you. steve@simmance.co.uk

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