Is Working from Home losing its appeal and have we reached the tipping point?

October 2020
By: Steve Simmance

This was just one of the much-debated subjects at the second of our well-attended Future of Work Forums; the suggestion that the once much desired ‘Working from Home’ is slowly morphing into something more akin to ‘Living at Work’. What are your thoughts? Are we witnessing a shift? Is WFH losing its appeal?

As we face further lockdowns, and WFH looks set to continue well into Spring 2021 is the initial shine and excitement wearing off for you?

The first 6 months in the COVID working world suggested the majority were relishing the loss of a noisy stressful commute and embraced WFH, the joy of being close to loved ones, and speed of ‘switch off’ after a working day. A team Zoom meeting interrupted by a toddler, or customer presentation with accompanying ‘barking dog’ soundtrack, was met with laughter and understanding.

But today is reality setting in? Are we longing for a return to the office? The lone quietude of the commute in which to reset our internal dial from home to work, and work to home. The watercooler moment of a catch up with colleagues. The chance to interact face to face and really get messages and thoughts across. The chance to get noticed and promoted.

Has the novelty of switching off and wandering into the kitchen at 5 sharp been replaced by evenings with the office so ‘omnipresent’ that it’s too easy to keep going? Is family time sacrificed by with a home office, blurring the lines of home vs work life?

Has Working from Home turned into Living at Work? And what does the Future of Work look like?    

If you are the leader in an organisation and would like to take part in our next Future of Work Forum in November, to share thoughts and experiences with your peers of what can currently be a lonely job at the top, come join us to gain insight into how others are managing this strange and revolutionary time.

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