Sales & Marketing Talent In Abundance!

February 2017
By: Steve Simmance

The search for talent is relentless.  The pattern of supply & demand is reliably consistent.  The junior ranking candidate pool faces an all time dearth in supply and by contrast the middle and senior pools are bursting full of great people with skills and experience that can easily put most of the commercial challenges right now to rest, yet the demand is notably low.

The fact is, there is an abundance of sales, marketing and category capability, so no FMCG business should, by rights, be struggling to find experienced Controllers, functional Heads and Leaders – if so, then it’s time to talk to The Simmance Partnership. 

We are privileged to be representing and working with long lists of discerning middle/senior commercial talent.   We would be pleased to hear from Client organisations whose recruitment resources are stretched or in need of refreshing ideas.  We are as happy to supplement resourcing activity as we are to come and talk about the various talent pools within which we have fantastic close access, arguably ahead of our compatriots in the FMCG recruitment industry given our long standing reputation.  A proven track record, time and again, we make a difference, let us show you how.   

Let’s talk sooner than later.  Call Steve Simmance on 01753 856103 or email for a confidential discussion.

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Guided by the candid approach of Steve Simmance, who has been an FMCG recruiter for over 25 years, we provide a true counterbalance to the norm, encouraging transparency and reality, factors so often missing in our industry today.

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